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Stand Up for Chris Hayes

Sooo, Chris Hayes had a great segment on Sunday about the origins of Memorial Day, with interviews with the mother of a fallen soldier and an officer that gives death notices to fallen soldiers’ families.  I thought it was quite sensitive as a whole to the soldiers’ memories.  The right wing blogosphere has exploded with scorn for his comments @6:20:

This crap from Donny Douche and the rest of the wingosphere makes me want to punch my computer screen.  Never mind that NBC pretty much  disavowed anything Hayes said.

I’m not sure how Star Jones and Donny Deutchebag are “professionals” on anything, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t watch the whole segment from Sunday.  They probably just heard that one quote from Matt Lauer, or the slightly longer but still out of context clip that The Blaze is promoting.   The same is true of everyone else that’s attacking him.  As Conor Friedersdorf points out,

…it’s worth asking what we want in an opinion broadcaster. Someone with whom we never disagree? Someone whose arguments never provoke or even offend us? For a fragile sort, maybe those qualities would prove ideal. But mature adults keen on useful public discourse ought to value different things. Even if we were to say, for the sake of argument, that Hayes’ monologue was wrongheaded and offensive, it would remain the case that he 1) made sure to explicitly note that he wasn’t disrespecting any soldier who’d fallen — that is to say, he tried to anticipate which people might be needlessly offended, and to assure them that he meant something different than they thought; 2) he noted that he could be wrong; 3) he invited a panel of other intelligent people to disagree; 4) and when no one did disagree, the first thing he did was try to articulate the best counterargument that he could formulate. Unless you’re a delicate flower looking for a broadcaster who never articulates any idea with which you’re uncomfortable, what more can you ask from someone in Hayes’ position?

Indeed.  Given the full context, I think it was quite reasonable, and many reasonable (as opposed to Reasonable) people probably feel the same way as Hayes and I do about the manipulation and glorification of language in our political system.

More great comments, via The Blaze:

I would LOVE to line them up, and shoot the whole lot of these ******.[Metaphorically speaking. OF COURSE] What an ungrateful lot of horse turds. Makes one kinda wish their parents believed in ABORTION, when their mothers were pregnant with them. Of course, their FATHER, in real terms is SATAN!