The push to scapegoat the weak

It always amazes me the length to which people will go to ignore the abuses of power and wealth in order to scapegoat the weak and defenseless.  Conservatives are great at stirring up this stuff.  It’s quite sad, really, to see otherwise rational people promoting this stuff and getting huffy about it.

It is hard to tell how to interpret this, however.  A reactionary conservative might say that they don’t want to pay for foodstamps because they shouldn’t exist. (never mind the trope about them being “unemployable”, especially 42 million of them).   I don’t mind paying, but there should be far less of them, and they should be working at middle class or at least living wage jobs.   But to some conservatives, they are just “unemployable”, “lazy”, or whatever other coded language you like.

What should happen to these people once they are no longer worthlessly sucking the tit of society?  Free markets, baby.

Making these points take nuance.  Most people do not have that.  It’s also amazing how these posters grab so much attention, but if I just typed this trope out, I wouldn’t get nearly as many ‘likes’.

Numbers don’t matter.  3 million crackheads?  I don’t remember that checkbox being on the census.



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