More of Bill O’reilly turning May Day into a communist holiday…

It’ll never stop bothering me that millions of people believe what this fool is thinking.  You can see him smiling at the end, my guess is that he knows what he’s saying is bullshit, but who knows.  He’s one of the best propagandists around.

I’d really like to know what conservatives think our society should look like.  Apparently, it wouldn’t include “taking stuff from other people”.  I just really want to see them explain how/if we should pay for roads and what not.  Things like bridges generally involve taking from other people.  Even that is worth celebrating in my mind, never mind taking from people to make sure that other people, usually children, can eat.

Next, he lumps in Occupy with the tiny minority that unfortunately caused damage and violence.  No need for nuance here. This is another classic tactic.  The actual Occupy councils are vehemently non-violent.

He also mentions the Cleveland incident where people involved with Occupy were basically entrapped into agreeing to participate in an attempt to blow up a Cleveland bridge.  Of course the entrapment was not mentioned.

Bill O’reilly proves that truth is stranger than fiction.


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