Occupy May Day

We need a new Left in this country.  Tomorrow is May Day, and Occupy is having protests throughout the country.  Spring is in the air…Look Out.  Big things are starting to happen.

And, take a look at the comments after the last article I linked from Bloomberg.  I’m not sure how long this goes on for, but holy sh*t.  Talk about incoherent, reactionary minds.  These are the people we need to show up at a teach in, big time.  They might just yell, though, judging by this drivel:

A non–event. If it wasn’t for a willing media to give them their 15 minutes, we’d never hear of these vagrants.

The Occupy Movement is bogus, it’s pure Socialist propaganda that’s against Liberty, Freedom and Democracy in the world. Occupiers DO NOT represent the 99% of ANY population.  NOBODY wants what the Occupy Movement is selling.  They’re welcome to protest all they want, but they should TELL THE TRUTH about their actual goal, which is to DESTROY your right to determine your our destiny.  Socialism sucks, and so does the Occupy Movement.

These anarchists have no rights. They are less than human, wipe them out.

No, OWS is a purely Socialist movement that originated in Canada, the product of an advertising agency; and it IS, in fact, backed by billionaires in Washington and New York and Hollywood.  If you think the OWS is some sort of grassroots PEOPLES movement, you’re a deluded FOOL.

Unlike the Tea Party, the OWS is pure Socialist propaganda.

So … how many OWS parasites will be reading these comments on their corporation created iPads and smart phones?

Stay home punks! You have such little understanding of the Economy it’s sad. Supporting Obama and Unions is supporting the real greed in America. Obama’s number one golfing partner is the president of the largest Swiss Bank and also his largest fundraiser, hmm, nothing illegal about that.  Obama has his hands in the pockets of Goldman Sachs, he’s their largest recepiant of campaign donations, ten to one over Republicans. All you fools are doing is being used by Obama to stir the pot and eventually cause mass rioting where he can declare martial law and take the weapons. Once this Communists group of Czars gets our guns, we’re done. We’ll no longer be able to defend ourselves against the government or any of his outside recruits like Nation of Islam. Stop letting Obama use you against freedom. Should he try to take away guns there will be a Civil War and millions of Americans will be killed by each other. Instead use your 2nd amendment rights and buy a gun to prepare for the race war that is coming.

Tazers.  Lots of Tazers.

And that’s just on the first two pages.  Funny how lots of people are deluded into thinking that OWS is promoting many of the things they’re actually protesting.

By the way, just ’cause I use the internet and computers (ironically, government financed technology) doesn’t make me a hypocrite.  I like products.  They just, simply, shouldn’t be produced in slave-like conditions.  It can’t get much simpler than that.

The comments section has become my favorite part of news sites.


One response to “Occupy May Day

  • swissecon

    “slave-like conditions”

    In which country do you live? I am from Switzerland, probably the most freedom-loving country on this planet. We do not have slaves. Unemployment is below three percent and lowest salary about 4’000 dollars.

    And last time I was in the US (about one year ago), I did not see any slaves either. Would you argue this has changed since 2011?

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