The Left, beaten and battered

This is a good post over at Naked Capitalism, with this video of Cenk Uygur interviewing Matt Stoller:

The biggest point I saw was where Yves Smith says:

It [the video] reminds me of a conversation I had with a black woman after an Occupy Wall Street Alternative Banking Group meeting. She was clearly active in New York City housing politics and knowledgeable about policy generally. I started criticizing Obama’s role in the mortgage settlement. She said:

I have trouble with members of my community. I think Obama needs not to be President. I think he needs to be impeached. But no one in my community wants to hear that. I tell them it’s like when your mother sees you going out with someone who is no good for you.

“Why don’t you leave him? What does he do for you?”

“But Momma, I love him.”

“He knocked you down the stairs, took your keys, drove your car to Florida, ran up big bills on your credit card, and Lord only knows what else he did when he was hiding from you.”

“But Momma, I still love him.”

Her story applies equally well to the oxymoron of the establishment left in America. Obama is not only not their friend, but he abuses them, yet they manage to forgive all and come back for more.

That’s exactly right.  The left and its causes as they exist in this country, have been beaten down by their own leaders for a long time.  It’s very much like a violent relationship with an abusive man.   We think Obama is the best we can get, maybe we don’t deserve any better.  We love him and must protect him at all costs, (like this guy) no matter how bad his policies are.

Like Occupy, the rest of us need to rethink our politics.  Depending solely on leaders isn’t the answer.  We need real popular movements and institutions to push our leaders (who mostly, inevitably, are the elite) to do the right thing.


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