To a man? ha ha

Monica Crowley’s now infamous, super funny tweet about Sandra Fluke’s engagement, the Georgetown student who testified about the need for expanding women’s access to contraception:

But it wasn’t a joke, just a ‘straightforward question’:

She then, of course apologized after so many people noticed:

Look, I could really care less about the gay/lesbian jokes.  It’s mean, yeah, but  I use the term ‘gay’ all the time, but I don’t direct my virtiol at actual people.

But anyways, I thought Ms. (soon to be Mrs.) Fluke was a little slutty slut that is ‘having so much sex that she can’t afford contraception.  She’s having so much sex she can’t walk right.  They are lined up around the block!’

Now she’s a dykey lesbian, because she has short hair, or something.  I think these people need to have their head checked.

On a related note, the people at Media Matters that love to make Fox squirm have a new book out.  We already knew a lot of this, but just more evidence to pile on that they are solely a political operation.

Here’s the BookTv video of ‘The Fox Effect’ summary, some reading, and exactly the type of questions you would expect to be hurled at Media Matters, with the great work they are doing.

the fox effect


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