Obama, corporate democrat

Meet your Socialist revolutionary:

Serco isn’t the only company to aggressively combat unionization while reaping a taxpayer-funded windfall. A 2010 report from the Government Accountability Office found that the federal government had awarded over $6 billion in contracts in fiscal 2009 to contractors that had been cited for violating federal labor laws, from wage and hour rules to organizing rights. Earlier in 2010, the New York Times reported that the White House was planning to implement a “high road” contracting policy that would direct more government contracts to companies with better labor and environmental records. But by 2011, Obama OMB nominee Heather Higginbottom told senators in a confirmation hearing that there were no such plans afoot.

Yes, that’s your president sitting by while a foreign corporation uses taxpayer dollars and facilities for a profit to run anti-union campaigns.

Don’t let this fool you.  Obama is anti-business and socialism is just around the corner, I swear.

Update: So ‘sitting by’ is probably not the best way to say, that the president should do something about his promises to stopping federal contractors from using taxpayer funds to bust unions and union drives, and to not give contracts to companies that have a record of violating the law, especially labor law.



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