OMG, Big Gov’t Obama

Here’s your scary, communist, big gov’t dictator Obama:

Via Paul Krugman.

This is absolutely ridiculous in so many ways compared to Republican rhetoric, it’s not even funny.  At all.

You see, this whole time I thought Obama was like Hitler.  Or Stalin.  No, it was Mao.  Either way, he’s a communist, right?  Or a socialist?  Well, he hung out with commies.  And ate dog meat.  ‘Cause that’s what commies do.

REPUBLICANS: You are being lied to.  Where is the growth of Government?  It’s not there.  It’s not there.  Repeat:  It’s not there.

“But, but, the government spending to GDP ratio!”


I just spent time fixing a door at a clients’ house, and he watches Fox News all day.  We spoke of politics, and it was the same old BS with most people.  Arguing with someone who repeats the same talking points as Fox is impossible to debate.  It’s quite frustrating, just trying to get them to pay attention to corporations rather than poor people.  Why does he care more about some poor guy with 4 kids cheating the system than Exxon and GE making $50B and paying no taxes?  Which is worse?  Should those misdeeds be on equal footing?

1 more thing:  Everyone seems to know exactly One person who is cheating the system on welfare, and assumes that’s how people want to live.  That’s like, classism, or something.




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