The murder of an undocumented immigrant

This is so shocking and terrible:


Cases like this have been happening more and more recently.  In this instance, the victim was tased/beaten into submission by until death.  The screams of this man, Anastasio Hernandez Rojas, are bone-chilling to say the least.

This makes me wonder how many people, though definitely a minority, in border states would defend these border agents’ actions as heroic national security enforcement.  We’ve seen this ramping up of anti-immigration laws lately in Arizona and Alabama.

Democracy Now! has been all over these types of stories.  The police in this country have killed several unarmed men recently, with local protests resulting.  I try to stay away from the Mainstream Media, which isn’t really a great idea, they are a great source of information.  It just gets old trying to filter out the BS.  I don’t know if they have reported on those 2 cases.  They obviously have taken the Trayvon Martin case and run with it, because the outcries were loud enough in my opinion.

Digby has paid a lot of attention  to the overuse of tasers to compel citizens to comply.

Most people get their news from the television, which is unfortunate.  The only very worthwhile show that I see on television (which I watch on the interweb) is Up with Chris Hayes on MSNBC.   Bill Moyers, former PBS employee, was and is a great critic of power and wrongdoing on both sides.   That’s not to say that the network evening news isn’t informative in several ways.  There are stories you may not have known about, but the more important thing to me is how it’s presented.  Concision (time restraints) and advertising are huge factors.  I think they do a terrible job of informing people, which isn’t their job.  It’s entertainment.

The best tactic I’ve found to get people to pay attention to the world is to just throw on Democracy Now when we are just hanging out at my house in front of the projector screen.  They throw such a blitz of attention/emotion grabbing headlines that it’s impossible to not watch intently.  Then, as I did tonight, I encouraged my friend to watch it every day.  I encourage people to take an hour a day away from the fake Kardashian news that permeates our culture, and spend it watching or listening to this great show.  There are no ads, just 30 second music breaks, and it’s listener supported.  Having corporate sponsors seems to be an obstacle to criticizing corporations and revealing their crimes.


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