Taking it personal

Paul Krugman:

Recently I linked to Harold Pollack’s outrage over remarks by Paul Ryan, in which Ryan suggested that our safety-net programs are “a hammock that lulls able-bodied people to lives of dependency and complacency”.

Further to that point, Aaron Carroll tells us who actually receives Medicaid, which Ryan and Romney want to cut sharply. Carroll’s point is that it’s nonsense to claim that vast savings can be achieved through “innovation”; but his chart also tells you about who we’re talking about. In order of expense, these are the key Medicaid groups:

– the blind or disabled
– the elderly
– children

And many of the adults who account for the rest are pregnant mothers or parents of young children.

So, look at all those able-bodied people living lives of complacency thanks to Medicaid. Hmmm.

This seems like something that people might care about and pay attention to, not just in a moral sense, but personally as well.  My mother receives medicare and medicaid.  I have friends whose children use medicaid.  Yet, I know very few people that even know what’s being proposed, which is to either destroy both of them, or even worse (better?), transform them into voucher programs.


One response to “Taking it personal

  • magnuslover

    I’m so sick of the haves trying to balance the budget by taking from the havenots. How about they start actually paying the taxes theircorporations dodge, or prosecuting the greedy people responsible for the economic collapse?!? Tax code needs to be re-written. Paul Ryan needs to be voted out of office!

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