The Real Pundits are horrible

Atrios has his #1 wanker of the decade up.  I’ll save the time and reveal that it’s Tom Friedman, which is surprising a little, but I think he was going more for the mainstream beltway types, not the rabid hysterics over at Fox.

Friedman comes off as an intelligent guy, which I suppose most of these beltway morons do.  I could always sense something about him.  I’ve always been wary of those people that spend countless breaths saying absolutely nothing.  And as Atrios has documented (as I’m sure others have), Friedman has a habit of changing his mind and either conveniently forgetting or making some new excuse for himself.  His ‘suck on this‘ moment was as classic as it was horrifying.

This guy is an enabler.  When we’ve got so called ‘liberals’ calling for aggressive militaristic policies, we’ve got problems.  It’s a strange dynamic that somehow makes it easier for Obama to further George W. Bush’s agenda.

We’ve really got a terrible political class.  Chris Hayes has a new book on this.


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