More on the return of “welfare queen” bashing

I forgot to mention, about the picture and its connotation: As far as I know, most people aren’t paying half their income in income taxes, although that may be the case in some areas when you include state and local taxes.  But again, more outright falsehoods or assumptions: that those who have the most wealth necessarily worked their tails off the most for it, but, even more pernicious, is the concept that people who receive government benefits, which includes, oh, 100% of the population (although I realize they’re talking about getting a literal check, except that’s false too, because of the existence of roads, hospitals, etc. which may too be welfare under the Limbaugh vision of the world) are ‘napping’.

I love the direction that this goes.  Obama is literally going to one person (John Galt), taking half his stuff, then waking someone up and presenting them with a gift. (Of things a society must have)

It does disturb me that the girl who posted it, as far as I know, is quite smart. This is a huge problem, as every single day of my being, I encounter otherwise rational, sensible, empathetic, nice Americans (like my last client) who have bought into this corporate game that the Republicans (and Democrats to a lesser degree) are so, so good at emotionally pushing onto people: that OWS is just looking for ‘handouts’.  The GOP has fully embraced the lie that what built this country is free markets, entrepeneurs, hard work, and small government.


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