9-9-9 thoughts

Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan sounds great to the average voter.  I’m not sure the average voter knows what they pay in taxes right now.  A lot of the analysis coming out is saying that most people, except very high income folks, would pay a good chunk more in taxes.

It should be noted that flat taxes are always regressive, especially a huge national sales tax of 9%.  Poor folks would definitely see their rates go up, since a larger percentage of their income is spent on food, clothes, fuel etc.   It’s possible middle class folks would get a cut, but I haven’t seen any analysis that says so.

People are starting to punch holes in this terrible, simpleton, revenue neutral tax plan, but I fear that won’t be enough to keep low-info “independent” swing voters from clamoring for a tax hike.  Anything to get rid of the Marxistmuslimkenyan.




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