Just had a great spat with a friend about the war in Afghanistan, with him saying that it makes him sick when people care more about their innocent bodies than ours.  A good point, but I think he’s mad that I try to give them equal treatment, a blashemy to most conservatives, as he tends to be on some issues.  And the fact that we have control over our actions but only influence on theirs.   It was Howard Zinn who said the sick thing is when people give more value to dead American innocent bodies than other innocent bodies.  Which is natural, considering that’s the “home team”.  But is it immoral?  I’d say yes, but not instinctively.  You kind of have to look at it from a humanist position.  But then, like he always reminds me, we jump back to reality.

The guy towards the end of the frontline special said it best.  Yes, we can invade, control, and occupy, we can capture-kill, and it’s expensive.  But the question is, after 10 years, when can we leave?  Which was my main point, but dead civilians bring out emotions, as they should.  And I think they deserve as much value as our dead civilians, but our media do not agree, at least in my opinion.  90% of the time, when they, even liberal news (msnbc, pbs) mention total casualties, rarely do they mention the opposition, just Americans.  As if zero American casualties should mean total agreement.

And yes, I live and breathe and function within the system.  Can I change the system by doubling my fuel mileage, getting the more efficient bulbs, shorter showers, etc?  Yes.  But that’s not dreaming, so I continue my 13 mpg and 100 watt bulbs and 25 minute, 125 degree showers, and finding the best deal on clothes.  It is a difficult paradox to preach against sweatshops, climate change, and predatory capitalism when you drive a v8 Dodge, wear a hat made in Vietnam, and build houses out of wood and metal.  But I have to be a dreamer and function somewhat within the system.  Who am I, zero impact man?  No, but I could be less impact man.  A good thought.  Thanks, prevailing counterweight. (He also doesn’t believe in universal health care, I can’t really bow on that one)


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