current events

Just brushing up on the current events. 4/28/11

Obama has “finally” given out a copy of his birth certificate, apparently to appease the racist, irrational group we like to call half of the republican party.  Or to make them look even more crazy.  Either way, I halfway agree, I don’t think he should have given in, and just ignored it.  But as we know, that just fans the flames of conspiracy theorists.

Speaking of conspiracies, Ron Paul will be running again this year, on the juvenile libertarian concepts of hating poor people.  He also runs on non-interventionism, which appeals to liberals but is kind of a shadow from his real agenda, which includes dismantling the state to some minute form.  He is against tyranny, I presume, but only if the gov’t does it.  He is the bastion of the single-villian ideology, that the gov’t can do no right, and the market (a collectivist entity, ironically) can do no wrong, although we see it every day.


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