People who complain about welfare recipients are marks, and much more

I am very sick of hearing complaints about people who are on welfare, food stamps, or cheating the system for some welfare or food stamps or some government benefit.  The grifting exists but is not a concern (or at least registers very low on my list of concerns). Sure, improve the system.  But the source of these complaints are not from people who wish to do good or improve the system in any way.  They are cynical attacks, usually associated with or based on race.   They wish to further destroy the lives of the people they convince that their biggest problem is their Mexican neighbor who claims 20 kids or whatever to get some extra food stamps.

Ignorance in the extreme.  You can safely ignore the Kochs and other billionaires as long as you have teh gays, transgender folks, blacks, hispanics, women, etc.


A kind of dog whistle

A marker:  If you hear someone say “The Democrat Party”  there is a high likelihood that they are partially or fully, full of shit.

Weird insights

First you think you’re mainstream.  Then you think you’re a radical.  Turns out the mainstream is actually pretty fucking radical.  And not in a good way.

What makes you mainstream in the U.S.?  It seems like everything we agree on is bullshit and all the things we fight about are trivial.

Everything is all fucked up and bullshit

It’s true.

Oh, Fox

If there is any doubt left that Fox News is a conservative propaganda outlet, check out this latest bit of magic:

While Fox & Friends has long been a home for some of the most viciousmisleadingpetty, anddishonestattacks on President Obama, they crossed a new ethical line today by producing and airing what is essentially a four-minute anti-Obama attack ad.

The video — opening with the text “Fox & Friends Presents” — played lines from Obama’s past speeches mixed with commentary from unidentified speakers and graphics purporting to show that Obama has broken the promises he’s made since his 2008 campaign. The graphics were accompanied by loud, epic, scary music played over grainy video footage. Watch:

But while the video could be mistaken for a campaign ad on behalf of GOP candidate Mitt Romney, it wasn’t. It was a segment produced by a show on a network that bills itself as “fair and balanced.” The network has continued to push the limits of its outright promotion of conservative politicians and policies, and Fox & Friends has been at the forefront. The show regularly acts as the communications arm of the GOP, attacking Democrats, promoting Republicans, and broadcasting GOP talking points, sometimes word for word. Co-host Gretchen Carlson has repeatedly advised GOP candidates how to promote their ideas in order to defeat their Democrat opponents.

In time, this will cement Fox’s reputation.  This was a campaign ad, pure and simple.  And misleading as well, just like most of their work.  The free support that the GOP gets from Fox isn’t counted along with the flood of money from other sources.

Why Stewart?

The first half of this episode of the Daily Show is awesome.  It’s quite sad, however, that Jon Stewart is the only one out there saying such simple and accurate things.  The media in this country is so broken and I’m not sure how to fix it.  The blogosphere and social media are having a huge impact, no doubt.  Mrs. Obama seems quite sincere, by the way, never mind her husband’s inadequate and often harmful policies.  I imagine there are many white people out there who really don’t like the idea of a progressive black woman being higher, much higher on the social and economic order than they are.

Stand Up for Chris Hayes

Sooo, Chris Hayes had a great segment on Sunday about the origins of Memorial Day, with interviews with the mother of a fallen soldier and an officer that gives death notices to fallen soldiers’ families.  I thought it was quite sensitive as a whole to the soldiers’ memories.  The right wing blogosphere has exploded with scorn for his comments @6:20:

This crap from Donny Douche and the rest of the wingosphere makes me want to punch my computer screen.  Never mind that NBC pretty much  disavowed anything Hayes said.

I’m not sure how Star Jones and Donny Deutchebag are “professionals” on anything, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t watch the whole segment from Sunday.  They probably just heard that one quote from Matt Lauer, or the slightly longer but still out of context clip that The Blaze is promoting.   The same is true of everyone else that’s attacking him.  As Conor Friedersdorf points out,

…it’s worth asking what we want in an opinion broadcaster. Someone with whom we never disagree? Someone whose arguments never provoke or even offend us? For a fragile sort, maybe those qualities would prove ideal. But mature adults keen on useful public discourse ought to value different things. Even if we were to say, for the sake of argument, that Hayes’ monologue was wrongheaded and offensive, it would remain the case that he 1) made sure to explicitly note that he wasn’t disrespecting any soldier who’d fallen — that is to say, he tried to anticipate which people might be needlessly offended, and to assure them that he meant something different than they thought; 2) he noted that he could be wrong; 3) he invited a panel of other intelligent people to disagree; 4) and when no one did disagree, the first thing he did was try to articulate the best counterargument that he could formulate. Unless you’re a delicate flower looking for a broadcaster who never articulates any idea with which you’re uncomfortable, what more can you ask from someone in Hayes’ position?

Indeed.  Given the full context, I think it was quite reasonable, and many reasonable (as opposed to Reasonable) people probably feel the same way as Hayes and I do about the manipulation and glorification of language in our political system.

More great comments, via The Blaze:

I would LOVE to line them up, and shoot the whole lot of these ******.[Metaphorically speaking. OF COURSE] What an ungrateful lot of horse turds. Makes one kinda wish their parents believed in ABORTION, when their mothers were pregnant with them. Of course, their FATHER, in real terms is SATAN!

Behold Brooks

God, more junk from David Brooks.  Not once do the words “defense spending” appear in this column.

Unemployment winding down

I’m sure this will help the economy:

Hundreds of thousands of out-of-work Americans are receiving their final unemployment checks sooner than they expected, even though Congress renewed extended benefits until the end of the year.

The checks are stopping for the people who have the most difficulty finding work: the long-term unemployed. More than five million people have been out of work for longer than half a year. Federal benefit extensions, which supplemented state funds for payments up to 99 weeks, were intended to tide over the unemployed until the job market improved.

Somehow I doubt that this whole reverse Robin Hood thing of taking from the jobless (parasites) and giving to “job creators” (producers) in the form of (more) tax cuts will work. I mean, the whole administration of George W. Bush was based on that, and where did it get us?  Of course, conservatives will argue that he wasn’t conservative enough.  

Which is why they’re about to nominate the “Massachusetts moderate”, who has tacked so far to the right, I’m not sure how he can come back.

It should also be obvious that taking spending power away from people, most of whom will not find work (the article points out, rightly, that there are 3 applicants for every job opening) will hurt the economybecause they will be buying less bread, milk, tv’s, etc.  The argument that lack of demand is driving this recession seems obvious, but is quite hard to make against misleading multi-million dollar ad buys like this one:

Best. Election. Yet.  But still horse crap in a plastic bag.

Calling in

I did some call-ins on blogtalkradio today, 3 times to be exact.  Tea Party, Libertarians, and corporate personhood.  Fun Fun!

Tea party radio  @91:30

Libertarians unleashed @70:00

Coffee Party Radio @89:00

Good stuff.  If I had a landline, I’d do this everyday.